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Inuit Outfitter is a hunting company driven by generations in Greenland.
We have been in the business of trophy hunting from the start in 1996.

In our company we value high quality and will do our best to make sure you get the best experience as possible.

Hunting dates

Musk ox is our main product, but you will also have the opportunity to go small game hunting.
We will do our best to make sure that you get a pleasant stay. We work hard and carefully on the preparation of your trophy. We have a great team with high experience, specialized, and local guides to make sure that you get as much out of your stay as possible.

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WINTER HUNT - march / april 2024

1. - 4. march


4. - 7. march


8. - 11. march


11. - 14. march


15. - 18. march


18. - 21. march


22. - 25. march


25. - 28. March


28. - 01. april

4 spots left

01. - 04. april


05. - 08. april


SUMMER HUNT - august / september 2024

18/19 - 22 August


21/22 - 26 August


25/26 - 29 August


28/29 - 02 September

2 spots left

01/02 - 05 September


04/05 - 09 September

5 spots left

08/09 - 12 September

5 spots left

WINTER HUNT - march / april 2025

28 February - 3 March


3 - 6 March


7 March - 10 March


10 March - 13 March


14 March - 17 March


17 March - 20 March


21 March - 24 March


24 March - 27 March


28 March - 31 March


31 March - 3 April


4 April - 7 April


By hunting with us you can be sure, that we only hunt what we need, - not all that we see.


Perserajuut, is the name of our hunting area, where our accommodations are placed.

We have two cabins.
The brown "lodge" is used for dining and meeting. Our other cabin, is the guest cabin, where it is possible to stay up to 6 guests at a time. Our guest cabin has 4 rooms with 2 single beds in each room.

Both of the cabins are build near by a mountain, with a great view over our  lake, with fresh drinkable water from the ice cap.

Our hunting policy:
We are always in dialog with the Government, to make sure that the population of the animals are in good conditions. We believe in strict hunting policy - without being fanatic. As always there is room for improvement, and therefore we will keep pushing on, and try to effect the government to improve the conditions of today.

For us is not only important, that the animals are here today, but also to make sure that they will be there on the long term and for the next generations in future.

Our values in the business:

  • accomplishing our guests satisfactions

  • making sure that our guests experience our Greenlandic nature and culture

  • making sure that our product is safe and has an high standard

  • leading our hunters to the best trophies

About us

Inuit Outfitter is a family driven business. Our main product is trophy hunting, but we also offer nature and wildlife photo safari. Inuit Outfitter has a life long hunting experience.

We love being in the nature and it has always been a big part of our life. We are raised within the Greenlandic culture and all enjoy hunting and wildlife.

We live in the western part of Greenland by the Arctic Circle. The camp was found in 1996 and is placed in the heart of the hunting area for musk ox, just by the ICE-cap in the area of Kangerlussuaq.

Inuit Outfitter team

We had the pleasure of getting to know Nick Hoffmann. He showcased the complete hunting experience and the trip we proudly provide.

Ovini Expéditions visited us back in 2019 and made this wonderful video, showing our beautiful landscapes and the journey they experienced.


Cancellation Policy: In the event of a client canceling the hunt, it must be done at least 4 month (120 days) in advance in order to get the deposit back - we will then keep 500€ from the deposit to cover our expenses. If the canceling is less than 4 month before the hunt starts, we will keep the deposit. If the hunter does not pay the balance 2 month before the start of the hunt, we have the right to cancel the agreement, and the deposit will be lost. If a cancellation is less than 2 month before the beginning of the hunt the fully payment will be lost.

Reimbursement: If the hunter does not get the option to shoot a trophy (because of ‘non trophy situation in the hunting area’) then the hunter will be reimbursed the amount of 750€.
Any animal wounded/hit, or found lost, will be deemed as taken. The full trophy fee will apply.

Insurance: We advice ALL of our clients to obtain travel insurance prior to their hunt.
If a hunter need a visa in order to enter Greenland it is the hunter or agents responsibility.
Inuit Outfitter can not be held responsible for this, if in case this is not taken care of before arrival.

Inuit Outfitter team

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